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At Finest Heating & Air, we specialize in providing premier HVAC services tailored to your exact needs. Our team of certified experts ensures every project meets the pinnacle of excellence, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

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Your Comfort, Our Commitment: HVAC Heroes​

Finest Heating & Air is a trusted, family-owned HVAC company committed to delivering top-notch service and expertise. Specializing in heater installation, AC repair, and indoor air quality solutions, we leverage years of experience to meet your needs. Our service begins with a complimentary consultation to ensure clarity.

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Our Services

Breathe Easy with Our Premium HVAC Services​

Discover unparalleled HVAC solutions with our expert team. From timely installations to efficient repairs and comprehensive maintenance, we ensure your comfort in every season.

AC Installation

Staying cool is not a problem anymore; let our AC installation professionals bring you cool breeze without compromising the quality of your AC. Beat the summer heat, your warm and friendly professional air conditioning installation for a cool working space when the heat is on.

Furnace Repair

Avoid being stuck in the cold by getting a furnace repair; we are fast and our heating services are reliable to get your heater working in no time. Feel the heat of satisfied custom with our detailed furnace repair which guarantees your home comfort all through the cold seasons.

Commercial HVAC Installation

Hire our commercial HVAC solutions and adopt the perfect commercial environment that optimizes comfort and productivity. In encouraging small businesses to large corporations within Florida, our commercial HVAC installations guarantee a comfortable business environment.


What Our Customer's Say

Nachum Shacham
Nachum Shacham
Very responsive, quick diagnostics, professional repair. Excellent job!
Neil Buddy Shah
Neil Buddy Shah
Exceptional service on central AC installation. Reasonably priced. Extremely responsive and went above and beyond to quickly get a new part (at no extra cost) to adapt to my existing system.
Albert Yam
Albert Yam
Very happy with Finest Heating & Air! Jonathan was very professional and friendly. I installed a Heat Pump HVAC and replaced all the ducting for my new home. Big project and lots of headaches. I like to learn as much as possible so I could make educated decisions, and he had the patience to go through everything with me and provided me several alternative quotes to work with my budget. When the system was not working well in the first two weeks, he arranged the follow up and manufacturer troubleshoot to take care of the problem. It's been working fine since for the last 8 months. I already recommended him to two households.
shirley maccabee
shirley maccabee
This is without question one of the very best companies I've ever had so work on my home. They went above and beyond to do the very best job possible and left everything clean and in good order..
Steve Yount
Steve Yount
I had a unique furnace issue where my old was not working well and left the house drafty. Finest HVAC figured out the best way to deliver more consistent heat to my house. Smart, professional, always on time, great communication, fair pricing. Thanks!
Nathan Murith
Nathan Murith
Great price, fantastic job, creative thinking, clean.
Paul Topolos
Paul Topolos
It was a tricky job with a very old house but Finest Heating & Air were always friendly, professional and were able to deal with all the curve balls that an 1889 Victorian can throw. The job was done very well and management was helpful when some problems came up that we hadn't planned on.

Why Choose Us

Hire the Best Professionals to Get the Same Day Service


Our technicians are certified and licensed, ensuring professional and reliable service. License: 1098613


Our certified technicians are fully bonded, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of quality service.


We have technicians who have liability insurance.


We offer a decade of experience and a comprehensive warranty on our maintenance services.


Easy Financing Options to Keep You Comfortable!

Finest Heating & Air offers flexible financing options through Goodleap and Wise tack to help you upgrade your HVAC systems without breaking the bank. Enjoy interest-free plans and easy monthly payments, with no hidden fees. Contact us today to explore your options and start saving!

California Efficiency Rebate

Take advantage of California Efficiency Rebates with Finest Heating & Air. Upgrade to energy-efficient systems and receive substantial rebates through local programs like PCE and BayREN. Our expert team ensures seamless rebate processing, helping you save on heat pumps, mini-splits, and other energy improvements. Join the green revolution and enjoy lower energy bills while contributing to a sustainable future.

Step 1

Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your HVAC needs and get expert advice tailored to your home.

Step 2

Staff Arrival

Our skilled technicians will arrive at your location on time, ready to start the project with all necessary tools and equipment.

Step 3

Work Done

We complete the installation, repair, or maintenance efficiently, ensuring everything is functioning perfectly before we leave.

Our Team

Hire a Team of Highly Trained & Experienced Professionals!

At Finest Heating & Air, we provide you with professional services for your HVAC needs. Whether you need a service call, maintenance work, or an installation of a new system, our technicians are here to help you. Our team is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of heating and air conditioning services. We understand that your home comfort is important to you. That’s why we never cut corners and use only top-quality parts and materials. We guarantee that our services meet the highest standards of professional workmanship. We are committed to providing you with superior service at a competitive price. Our technicians will always assess your needs before recommending any repairs or replacements, to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is chosen for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we address common questions about our services, maintenance tips, and troubleshooting advice to ensure your heating and cooling systems run efficiently year-round.

Our HVAC services include new installations, replacement/repair, regular maintenance, and upgrades of ACs, heat pumps, mini splits, furnaces, and heaters. We also offer indoor air quality testing, indoor air quality monitoring, and attic insulation.
Ideally, you should have your HVAC system inspected and tuned up twice a year, during the spring and fall.
The symptoms associated with a faulty air conditioner includes; strange noise emanating from the Ac system, fluctuating temperatures both summer and winter, high electricity bills despite reduced usage, constant switching on and off, and emergence of bad smells in the room. In case you consider any of these problems, then it is advisable to consult an expert.
Yes, we offer emergency repair services to fix any problems affecting the HVAC system and help you maintain a comfortable and safe environment in your home.
Some of the ways on how to improve the quality of air indoors include the following, servicing your HVAC system, using air purifiers, installing the right kind of ventilation and testing or monitoring of the IAQ.

Custom HVAC Solutions to Meet Your Needs for Comfort

Call us today for a free appointment and learn more about how we can provide the perfect service for your AC installation needs! Allow yourself to be assisted in getting a comfortable cooling throughout and during the seasons.

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