Your furnace room probably doesn’t get much use from you. When was the most recent time you investigated how secure it is? Because the furnace is something you start to forget about as long as it is working properly, homeowners frequently make safety mistakes in their furnace room without realizing it. To ensure that your furnace room is as safe as possible, follow these safety guidelines.


Make sure there is enough space around your furnace to keep it well-ventilated and allow our Best HVAC contractor to safely access it for maintenance. This is the most important thing. Your furnace may lose efficiency if there isn’t enough ventilation. It may also play a role in issues with overheating.

Is it better to keep the door to your furnace room open or shut? It varies. Your furnace may benefit from the ventilation and even distribution of heat from an open door. On the other hand, if you have children or pets, you might want to keep the door closed so that they can’t get to the furnace or any other nearby equipment. You can use vented doors in furnace rooms to let air flow while preventing your dependents from entering the room.

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Buildup of dust and other debris can make the room unpleasant, encourage animals and insects to build nests there, and possibly damage the furnace. Dust the area, sweep the floors, and regularly clean the furnace’s exterior. Both vinyl and carpet are not recommended for flooring as they both are flammable in a furnace room.


It is not a good idea to store paint in the furnace room. Because the furnace will generate sufficient heat to ignite paint fumes, it is best not to place anything that will produce fumes at a relatively low temperature near it. Cat litter is a particular concern because its fumes can corrode the heat exchange in your furnaces. Because this is a costly repair, store your cat litter far from your furnace room.


You and our HVAC technician won’t be able to safely move around in your furnace room if there isn’t enough or low light. Make sure that you have installed enough lights. Additionally, you might want to keep a flashlight nearby the furnace room so that you can always see in it even if the power goes out.


It makes sense to have new furnace filters nearby in case you need to put them in. But keeping an old filter in the room is a terrible idea, especially if you put it too close to the furnace. Filters are a fire hazard because they have accumulated a lot of flammable debris.


Keeping a furnace in a separated room is important because there are a lot of chances that any incident could occur. Always keep your furnace area clean and any flammable item away from the furnace. Also, make sure to keep enough lighting in the furnace room so it will be easy to move around. Additionally, keep the furnace in some enough space as more ventilation is required for better performance and efficiency. Lastly, to reduce your energy bills and keep your home more comfortable. give the best HVAC contractor in East Bay a call at 650-223-2028 or get an appointment