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Today, we will answer your question of why is AC installation so expensive. There can be very factors including the size and age of your home, as well as the price of your AC unit. We can give you a cost estimation for AC installation or for AC repair.

Our experts at Finest Heating & Air are professionals with years of experience in AC installation, AC repair, heating installation, heater repair, package unit installation, split mini ac installation and indoor air quality improvement.  

Major factors which contribute in the price of AC installation are:

  • Cost of the Unit
  • Hours Paid to the Contractor
  • Length of Ductwork
  • Area of the Unit
  • Sort of Unit

There are simply so many things that can turn out badly with a new central AC unit. If you do not have professional help like Finest Heating & Air, you cannot handle the entire process.

Cost of Unit

One of the costliest pieces of any HVAC unit installation will be the central unit. This central unit will be the enormous metal compartment placed in your yard or attic with central fan and all the hardware. The mechanics inside one of these machines are very complex. Cost of unit also depends on the brand you select.

Sort of Unit

Sort of the unit also plays a major part in the cost of AC installation. If you have a central unit you have to pay more than mini split ac. You need to decide the budget you have and the requirements of your heating or cooling.  

Hours Paid to the Contractor

The most noteworthy cost of your AC installation will be the hours paid to the contractor. Employing an expert will not be an easy job and most professionals ask for huge per hour cost. Well, this is not the case with Finest Heating & Air. We make sure you get the most reasonable AC installation charges as compared to others. This is on the grounds that we have experts who know what they are doing. Our team is local in your area which means very low mobilization expenses.

Length of Ductwork

Another major concern is the length of the ductwork. Having the appropriate sort of ventilation ducts installed in the area can mean a huge improvement. In the event that your home is old and do not have acceptable duct work, it can increase your overall AC installation cost.

Area of the Unit

Living in a space that has outrageous temperatures also increases the overall HVAC installation costs. Try not to hold back on something that could keep your home insulated from the heat outside, which means hiring the Finest Heating & Air for AC installation.


All of these factors contribute in the overall cost of AC installation. We offer our services in the entire Bay Area, CA. We serve in the locations of Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and San Francisco County. If you are looking for HVAC services in Santa Clara, HVAC services in San Mateo, HVAC services in Palo Alto or HVAC services in San Francisco you are at the right place. Ready to get help for your heating and AC system? Call Finest Heating & Air at 650-665-3546 or book an appointment.

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