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Therma Shield Radiant Barrier Beverly Hills

Summer can be unbearable in Beverly Hills. That is why many people use ThermaShield Radiant Barrier to keep their homes cool during the unpleasant weather. If you live in Beverly Hills and want to keep your home cool while saving money. Get ThermaShield Radiant Barrier. Call Finest Heating & Air to get the best prices now!

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Finest Heating & Air

Why Do Roofs and Attics Get Extremely Hot?

Attics and roofs get extremely heated for several reasons.

  • Your home’s roof is in direct sunlight, which might cause it to heat up dramatically.
  • Attics are frequently under-ventilated, which means that hot air is not being ventilated out of the attic
  • Because attics are usually poorly insulated, therefore heated air from the attic may transfer to the living space below.

Keep your attic cool to maintain the temperature in your home. Call Finest Heating & Air for ThermaShield Radiant Barrier in Beverly Hills and enjoy regulated temperature in your home this summer.

ThermaShield Radiant Barrier

What It Is and How It Works?

ThermaShield Radiant Barrier is a type of insulation that reduces heat transfer in buildings by reflecting radiant heat.  It consists of a layer of reflective material, often aluminum foil. And it is installed in areas such as attics to keep indoor areas cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, leading to energy savings and improved energy efficiency.

Call Finest Heating & Air for ThermaShield Radiant Barrier in Beverly Hills, if you are searching for a natural and effective way to keep your property cool. It is an excellent choice to regulate the temperature of your home.

ThermaShield Radiant Barrier

Get the Most of Your Investment

It is critical to properly install ThermaShield Radiant Barrier in Beverly Hills to get Its full benefits. Here are some pointers to consider while installing it:

  • Check the ventilation in your attic. Moisture in your attic can damage and diminish the efficiency of the radiant barrier.
  • Install the radiant barrier on the roof deck’s bottom. This is the most effective area for radiant heat reflection.
  • Ensure that the radiant barrier is tight and wrinkle-free. This guarantees that it reflects as much radiant heat as possible.
  • Seal any holes surrounding the radiant barrier. This will assist in keeping radiant heat from escaping into your home.

Getting ThermaShield Radiant Barrier installed in Beverly Hills can help you beat the heat and save money on your energy costs. Call us now for a no-obligation consultation!

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Finest Heating & Air

Your Trusted Choice for ThermaShield Radiant Barrier in Beverly Hills

Finest Heating & Air is the best option in Beverly Hills for ThermaShield Radiant Barrier. Our highly skilled and certified crew has extensive experience. We provide high-quality products and services, along with a complimentary consultation. Contact us today to learn more about how ThermaShield Radiant Barrier can help regulate indoor temperature.

How does a radiant barrier help save up on energy cost?

A radiant barrier helps control your attic temperature by reducing the load on your HVAC system. It blocks up to 97% of the radiant heat from outside and maintains the attic at 30° F. As a result, your HVAC system does not overload and you get an energy efficient home. Installing a Therma Shield Radiant Barrier is an investment which goes a long way.

What type of radiant barrier do you guys install?

Among different types of thermal radiant barriers available in the market, aluminum reigns supreme as the most widely used option. This preference is owed to aluminum’s exceptional metallic properties. Its lightweight nature and reflective surface make it an ideal material for effectively reducing thermal radiation. Also, aluminum has low emissivity which indicates that it creates a very less amount of infrared energy. It’s precisely these qualities that make aluminum radiant barriers a smart and frequent choice among customers.

Is Aluminum radiant barrier better than plywood and other types?

We believe aluminum foil is better suited compared to radiant barriers made of plywood. This is because aluminum has a higher reflective index, it is lightweight & very durable. An industrial grade aluminum foil can last for many years compared to plywood, making it the perfect ideal choice for Therma Shield Radiant Barrier. It’s also very cost effective.

Are radiant barriers a good alternative to insulation?

Radiant barriers and insulation serve different roles in energy efficiency. Radiant barriers block heat produced from radiation, whereas insulation prevents heat transfer completely. Radiant barriers prevent heat from entering your space entirely, while insulation slows the heat transfer through conduction from walls and ceilings, ultimately making your home energy-efficient. Combining insulation and radiant barriers reduces heat loss or gain through both conduction and radiation, maximizing energy savings for homeowners.

Does radiant barrier keep the cold out?

The purpose of Radiant Barriers is to reflect radiant heat coming from the sun. It can maintain a cool indoor temperature by preventing heat from entering your space. They are not designed to prevent cold air from coming into your house.

If you want to prevent cold air from entering your house, you would most significantly require weather sealing and other methods.

Discover the Exciting Benefits

ThermaShield Radiant Barrier for Your Beverly Hills Home!

ThermaShield Radiant Barrier is the perfect solution for extreme weather! It assists in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Here are a handful of ThermaShield Radiant Barrier’s advantages:

  • Lowers energy bills
  • Enhances indoor comfort
  • It lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increases the lifespan of your HVAC system
  • Keeps moisture out of your attic.

If you’re a resident in Beverly Hills searching for means to keep your home cool while saving money, call Finest Heating & Air.

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