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Finest Heating & Air is the best HVAC Contractor in East Bay, and we choose Carrier HVAC products and equipment because they are reliable and durable. Carrier is a big company in the world known for the manufacturing of HVAC products, including AC, different types of furnaces, and heat pumps.

What Is Carrier?

Carrier is so far on top in manufacturing best HVAC products. It was founded by W.Carrier. This is the guy who invented the first modern AC system. Carrier has been a leader in the HVAC industry since 1902. It has a product line of 20 HVAC systems that includes the most efficient and durable units in the market.

How Much Does Carrier Product Cost?

Carrier HVAC products are taken into consideration because of the cheap cost and rates in the HVAC product market. The cost of Carrier products mostly depends on the size of the product, type of product, and quantity of the product.

Carrier Products List

Carrier provides all of the products like no other manufacturer does. Also, they are most dependable, reliable, and durable, which makes consumers trust Carrier products.


Carrier sells gas furnaces and divides its models into those with annual fuel usage efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 90% and those with AFUE ratings of 85%. Its top-quality furnace is similar to high-efficiency furnaces from different brands, with an AFUE rating of 90%. The furnaces feature:

  • Multi and variable Top Rated blowers
  • Up to 1-year unit replacement and 10-year parts warranty
  • 2-year or lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger

Air Conditioners

There are different types of Carrier AC units, including some units that are very energy efficient. These AC products have a seer rating from 24.5 to 18.5. The air conditioners feature:

  • Single, two, and variable-speed Top Rated compressors
  • Minimum 2-year unit replacement and 10-year parts warranty
  • Seer rating as much as 24.5

Heat Pumps

Carrier manufactures Heat pumps same like that of its air conditioners quality. Its top models have the best technology that provides high efficiency and is durable in extreme temperatures and conditions. The heat pumps features:

  • Minimum 2-year unit replacement and 10-year parts warranty
  • Single, two, and variable-speed Top Rated compressors
  • Seer rating as much as 24.5

How Do I Buy Carrier HVAC Products?

In order to purchase Carrier HVAC products or equipment, you can contact Finest Heating & Air and avail special discounts and offers on HVAC equipment. When you choose to buy an HVAC product, we will inspect the location to determine the type of HVAC product, size, quantity, and workload you need. Plus, we provide cost-effective installations and repairs for your HVAC systems.

Final Word

Carrier is one of the best HVAC equipment manufacturers that has been in the industry for a long time. There are a lot of reasons why we choose Carrier HVAC equipment. They have a wide variety of equipment or products like AC, furnaces, and heat pumps. Additionally, provide good quality HVAC products at the best prices. The product line is reliable, energy-efficient, and durable. To get HVAC equipment at a lower price, contact us.

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