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Is It Cheaper to Run Multiple Fans or AC?

Running multiple fans at a time is more expensive than a single unit of AC. Keep in mind that AC does consume energy, but it is way cheaper than running multiple fans at a time. Finest Heating & Air is here to provide the answer to your query in detail and find out which option is really cheaper.

Following are the factors which are needed to be considered for answering this question:

Power Consumption

The power consumption of an appliance is determined by the energy it consumes to run for an hour. Therefore, the power consumption is calculated in watts.


A medium-sized fan consumes around 120 watts per hour. In addition, the power consumption is around 2.88 kWh (Kilowatt – hour) for the whole day.


Mid-sized Central Air conditioner consumes around 3000 watts per hour and which is 3.0 kWh. This amount is based on central AC of 3 to 3.5 tons.

Home Size

The size of your home also depends on the fact whether it is cheaper to run a fan or AC. The bigger the size of your home, the more unit of ceiling fan and AC is required.


If we talk about which is cheaper to run a fan or AC, then we will consider a mid-sized home with five rooms and a living hall. Each room will require at least one fan, and the average-sized living hall will need two fans.

We have a total of 7 fans for a mid-sized home. And the power consumption of these seven fans for the whole day is 20.16 kWh. On the other hand, a normal central AC, which will cool the whole house, consumes 3 kWh for an hour. On a hot day, running central AC for 6 hours would be enough to keep the home cool and comfortable for the whole day. The total power consumption would be around 18 kWh. But running seven fans for the whole day won’t cool the home nor provide a comfortable environment. However, the power consumption of running multiple fans would be more.

If you decide to install AC, here, you can get your answers about the AC installation costs.


In conclusion, we can see it is not cheaper to run multiple fans when compared with AC. A single unit of central AC or split AC is cheaper than running multiple fans. We have gone through the power consumption of the fan and AC to support our claim. We also highlighted how the requirement of fans or AC units depends on home size. It is best practice to hire experts like Finest Heating & Air and get a consultation regarding AC installation, AC repair, and AC maintenance.

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