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As the temperature rises in California, it can be difficult to keep a balance between staying comfortable and paying for air conditioning. In addition, with your busy schedule, figuring out the right thermostat setting can be difficult. Because of this, we have compiled this guide with best HVAC contractor in East Bay’s advice to make energy efficiency improvement simple.

The most energy-efficient setting for air conditioning in East Bay California is as follows:


Set your thermostat to a high setting and gradually lower it over a week, just like we suggested for determining a daytime temperature that is comfortable. You can save money on electricity by using lighter blankets, turning on the ceiling fan, and opening the window on cooler nights. If you are looking for these terms HVAC contractor Palo Alto, HVAC Contractor Bay area, HVAC contractor Novato, HVAC Contractor Beverly Hills, HVAC Contractor East Bay, and HVAC Contractor South Bay for best HVAC services then you are at the right place.


The majority of homeowners find that 72 Fahrenheit is a suitable temperature for air conditioning when setting their thermostat. However, depending on the weather, you might need to change that setting. Your energy bill will be higher the greater the temperature difference between inside and outside.


You might also be wondering whether it is preferable to maintain a constant temperature on your thermostat during the summer. This not only maintains a constant temperature in your home but may also increase your electrical costs.

Although the setting that is recommended may appear to be too warm, there are ways to maintain a cool environment without constantly using your air conditioner. These are some:

  • Plantation shutters or honeycomb shades, which use less energy, can be installed.
  • Keep window treatments closed during the day, especially on south-facing windows.
  • When you are in the room, turn on ceiling fans.

We understand that keeping your thermostat close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit can be uncomfortable. Because of this, we suggest conducting an experiment for about a week. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees at first, then gradually lower it throughout the week. You might discover that you are at ease in higher settings.


The ENERGY STAR recommends sleeping at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. However, given that you typically sleep better at a cooler temperature, that might be too uncomfortable for the majority of people. The best HVAC contractor Bay Area recommends sleeping between (60 and 67) degrees Fahrenheit, but that may be too cold for you and will increase your cooling costs. 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is a good compromise.


We have discussed if 72 is a good temperature for better energy efficiency. There are different temperature setting while you are sleeping, during the summers, at home, and away from the home. By following the best HVAC contractor East Bay’s advice, you can reduce your energy bills and keep your home more comfortable. Do you want to talk to us about HVAC services that save energy? To get started right away, give us a call at 650-223-2028 or get an appointment.

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