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Proper heating and cooling is vital for your family’s good health and mental well-being. Do you really care about your family? Choose a quality HVAC contractor in Sonoma County today for all your HVAC requirements.


Make Home Comfortable with a Working HVAC System in Sonoma County

We understand how home comfort plays an important role and your HVAC system is pretty much at the heart of it. An efficiently working HVAC system circulates air throughout your home making the air pleasant. A non-functioning HVAC system can stop the airflow completely creating a humid & suffocating environment. Times as such, you may want to hire a professionally trained & certified staff to deliver high quality repair service for your HVAC system.

If your HVAC system has suddenly malfunctioned or has stopped working efficiently, then it’s time to call Finest Heating & Air to provide you with complete repairs.

What Are The Signs Your HVAC System is in Need of Repair?

  • When there’s warm air blowing from your air conditioning unit.
  • When you feel there’s cool air coming out of the heater unit.
  • When there’s insufficient airflow or you feel a bad odor coming from it.
  • When you hear unusual sounds like humming, grinding & other such noises.
  • When there’s rust building up around your HVAC unit’s body.
  • When you are paying high amounts in energy bills.


 We have certified technicians carrying licenses. 1098613


Our experienced experts are bonded by a company.


We have technicians who have liability insurance.


We offer a decade of experience in maintenance.

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Local HVAC Services

We Offer Full HVAC Maintenance and Care in Sonoma County

Sonoma County is surrounded by lush green fields and mountains stretching as far as the eyes can see. Just like any other part of the world, it also experiences the harshness of the hot sun. Similarly, it also gets pretty cold up in California during the winters.

While pleasant days provide you a good experience without an HVAC system, extreme weather conditions require a fully optimal HVAC system running efficiently. Do you feel as if your HVAC system is not operating appropriately or at full capacity?

We are happy to provide our customers in Sonoma County with complete HVAC maintenance. Let us assess and provide a complete repair & replacement service for your HVAC units today.

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We Install, Service & Repair All Makes And Models Of Home Air Conditioning Units!

Aaon | Addison | Allied | Amana| American standard | Armstrong and Concord | Bosch | Bryant | CaptiveAire | Carrier | Coleman | Daikin | Day & Night | Edpac | Electrolux | EnviroMaster | Frigidaire | Goodman | Ingersoll-Rand | Johnson Controls | Lennox | LG | LUX | Midea | Mitsubishi | Nortek | Payne | Rheem | RUUD | Samsung | Seeley | Siemens | SPX | Tempstar | Toshiba | Trane | United Technologies | York | HVAC Equipment | HVAC Supply Near Me

Get in Touch with Us Today for All Your HVAC Needs in Sonoma County

Finest Heating & Air is the leader in HVAC services in Sanoma County. We offer a complete suite of installation, maintenance and repair services in Sonoma County for all kinds of HVAC systems. Our systems are custom tailored and can provide you the highest level of performance and energy efficiency. We contain a stock of a variety of different HVAC parts and components outsourced from top manufacturers in industry. All our components are available for delivery and installation at an affordable price.

Call us today and get your certified HVAC contractor in Sonoma County.

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What Our Happy Customers Say!

Grace White
Grace White
I had a great experience with this company. They were able to come out and fix my air conditioner on a hot day when I needed it most. The technician who came out was also very knowledgeable and friendly.
Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams
I had an excellent experience with Finest Heating & Air! They were professional, courteous, and took care of my HVAC issues in no time. Their prices were fair and reasonable, and I would highly recommend them for any HVAC needs.
Ashley Andrews
Ashley Andrews
I recently used Finest Heating & Air for a routine AC maintenance and I was blown away by the level of professionalism and quality of work. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was running smoothly and efficiently. I will definitely be using them for all my HVAC needs in the future.
Cris Marotto
Cris Marotto
I had some of the air duct in the garage removed and reinsulated all remaining air ducts. Jonathan was very responsive and contacted me right away. Miguel was very professional and left the garage very clean. Duct work was excellent! Thank you Miguel and Jonathan.
Finest Heating & Air was a great company to work with. We needed a mini-split air conditioner installed in our study. Based on their great reviews on Yelp and Google, I reached out to them and they did not disappoint. Jonathan responded right away and he came to the house to discuss various options and provide a quote. We decided on a Mitsubishi wall-mounted unit that is very energy efficient and super quiet. The quote was very reasonable. Jonathan's crew installed the indoor and outdoor unit in less than a day and they did a phenomenal job. They did the electrical work and the tubing and their work is extremely professional. The way they installed the unit makes it look like it is part of the original home design. They are also very considerate and left the workplace super clean. We have now been using the unit for a couple of weeks and it runs great and keeps our study very comfortable. Would definitely recommend Finest Heating & Air for anyone who wants a mini-split air conditioner installed.
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando
I was in a bind when my heater stopped working on a cold winter night. Finest Heating & Air came to the rescue and got everything fixed in no time. Their technicians were knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend this company for all your HVAC needs!
Vitor Emanuel
Vitor Emanuel
Came out and performed an excellent problem diagnosis. offered me two choices, and then returned at the scheduled time to complete the repairs. My HVAC system is running perfectly and everything was done quickly.
Garahm Smith
Garahm Smith
Jonathan completed his work meticulously. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything he did for my air conditioner tune-up. That day, I bought their membership and will soon schedule a cleaning of my air vents! Additionally, he was extremely helpful and addressed all of my concerns. I'm grateful.
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy
I was saved thanks to Jonathan Very instructive and competent. Glad that I can now turn on my air conditioner.

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Need Maintenance for Your Heating/Cooling Systems?

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How often do air filters require changing?
There are several factors such as the type of air filter, the level of air pollution within the area and how often the HVAC system is used. As per the general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to change disposable air filters every 1-3 months. If you’re using reusable filters, then it’s important that they should be cleaned every 1-2 months. It’s best that you replace them after every 5 years. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific air filter and HVAC system. If you have pets living in a dusty environment.
How long does HVAC equipment last?

Normal HVAC equipment lasts anywhere between 15-25 years depending on the type of equipment which you’re using. Based on how well it is maintained and how frequently you have been using the equipment, furnaces and boilers can last the longest. With proper maintenance such as regular cleaning and filter replacement, you can easily extend the lifespan of HVAC equipment. With heavy usage, these machines can often succumb to failure sooner than expected. To ensure these units do not experience any failure or face any major problems, Feel free to call Finest Heating & Air to provide repair and maintenance.

Why do I need a system with matched components?

The right components will ensure your HVAC unit can perform its functions correctly. When you install the wrong components in your HVAC unit, there’s a slight chance that they may not perform as effectively. Although, there’s a chance that they function properly for a limited time and in certain cases they do go a long way. But it’s a recommended option that you should go for matched components or replace the entire unit with a brand new one. 

What are the 4 phases of planned maintenance in HVAC?

The four phases of planned maintenance in HVAC systems are: 


  • Ductwork testing and repair service. 
  • Air and water balancing. 
  • Air duct cleaning. 
  • Damper testing for fire and smoke breakout. 

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