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Are you looking to install Split AC? Then, you must be wondering how much it will be the split Ac installation cost. The cost of SPLIT AC installation depends on various factors. Split AC, also known as a Ductless air conditioner, stands out in the competition as one of its biggest benefits is that it provides homeowners control to maintain the temperature in different rooms as per their desired level of comfort.

As we have discussed, the cost of Split AC depends on different factors:

Size of the Room

The cost of Split AC installation depends on the size of the room. The bigger the room is, the bigger the Split AC unit is required to cool/heat the room. There is a wide range of Split AC depending on the area of your room. However, to calculate the cost, you have to decide the size of the room.

Number of Rooms

The number of rooms will determine the cost of Split AC installation. As the number of AC units increases, the cost of installation automatically increases. However, because technology has advanced, there is an option of getting a “zone” AC unit. Zone AC unit gives you a bigger outdoor unit which then can connect up to 8-10 indoor units.

Still confused? Finest Heating & Air can help you determine how many Split AC units would be best for your home.

System Efficiency

The overall cost of Split AC installation also depends on the SEER rating of the system. That determines the efficiency of the AC system. SEER is abbreviated as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The more efficient system will cost more. However, a more efficient system does cost more, but they use less energy to provide your desired comfort, decreasing your energy bills.

To get AC installation services, you need to call Finest Heating & Air, Palo Alto, CA.

Size of Split AC

In AC terms, the size of the AC does not refer to the physical size of the AC. But, the BTU (British Thermal Unit) determines the amount of heat removed from a room per hour. The AC system size is determined as (20 BTU is required per square foot):

  • Room size is 500-700 square feet and requires 10,000 BTU
  • Room size is 800-1000 square feet and requires 16,000 BTU
  • Room size is 1000-1200 square feet and requires 20,000 BTU

To get the best fit for your home, call an HVAC expert like Finest Heating & Air.

Noise Requirements

The humming sound is annoying. Most people do not like constant humming sounds, and if you need a quiet environment, there is Split AC which is quieter, but they cost more than the normal AC unit. We are ready to offer you AC installation services for your new AC.

New or Replacement System AC Installation

Are you going to install Split AC in your home for the first time? Or are you going to replace the old structure? While replacing an old unit, the cost of installation is, for the most part, lower than for first-time AC installation.


Finally, the cost of SPLIT AC installation depends on the above factors. Most of all, you need to go for the experts to do the task. All things considered, if you need AC installation services, you have to find the best of the best HVAC services in the Bay Area. You can get energy efficiency if you get proper Split AC installation services from experts in the area. If you are looking for Split AC installation in Bay Area, Split AC installation in San Francisco, Split AC installation in San Mateo, or Split AC installation in Palo Alto, you are at the right place. We offer the best Split AC services in California.

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