Most people question how long is the AC installation process. And today we are going to answer your question in this article. AC (Air conditioner), is an essential need in every house. The time-span of installing an AC Unit usually depends on factors like:

  • Room Condition
  • Type of AC
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical Work


Suppose you have decided on Installing an AC unit. Our Team at Finest Heating & Air inspects your house for the installation process. We check the condition of the room, like the size of room insulation needed in the room.

Once we have determined the condition of the room, then we can estimate the time for AC installation. Most of the rooms require some work, like installing shades in the room for better functioning and efficiency of the AC.


The type of AC you are going to install is also another factor in the time required for installing an AC unit. Different types of AC require different times for AC installation. For example, the Central Air Conditioning system requires approximately 1-3 days, and on the other hand, portable AC requires only half of an hour to an hour of time.


Ductwork plays essential role-playing in the AC system. So, the amount of ductwork needed will be considered in the time required for installing an AC unit. Sometimes only a few duct pipes are required, which don’t require much time. On the other hand, some AC requires a lot of ductwork which obviously increases the AC installation process.


Without power, AC won’t run, but without proper power, your AC will not only be damaged but will fail to function. Thus, Finest Heating & Air team will check the electrical condition, like the wire condition. If the wire doesn’t support power load and changing the wire surely increases the time required for installing an AC unit.


In this article, we have gone through the time required for installing an AC unit in a house. There are factors that are considered for AC installation, which we have covered. Finest Heating & Air provides you with affordable solutions, and we handle your work with care. That is why platforms like super pages and yellow pages trust Finest Heating & Air.

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