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How Long Does AC Installation Take?

How much time is required for an HVAC installation fluctuates due to different factors? It could be challenging for an HVAC professional to give you a time outline without first seeing the home and the area in which the unit will be installed. A few factors that will change the time for AC installation include:

  • The size of the home or building
  • The kind of AC installation (New AC installation or AC Repair)
  • The exact kind of unit
  • The area of the installation


The size of your home is one of the greatest factors while determining what amount of time HVAC installation will require. Expectedly, the bigger the home, the more time will be needed for AC installation. This is on the grounds that bigger homes require bigger HVAC units and sometimes may require different units.


Simple Replacement AC Installation

In the event that you want a simple replacement AC installation, the required time will be less than if your installation requires ventilation work replacement or a full framework replacement. A replacement happens when you have a new HVAC framework installed. This could require just one day of work.

Full HVAC System Installation

In the event that you want ventilation work replaced or a full HVAC system installation, the process will take more time than it would for a simple replacement AC installation. In addition, a longer time is required if our experts might need to replace the ventilation work or repair the indoor regulator. There might be different issues that the professional will run into with a full framework installation. So, the time required is more dependent on this present circumstance. Normally, a full HVAC system installation will take somewhere in the range of three to five days to finish.


There are various kinds of HVAC units available for installation, and this can affect the expected time for AC installation. A conventional AC unit will take more time to install than a mini-split framework. For a package unit, we need more time than a mini-split AC unit. In conclusion, the amount of time needed for AC installation depends on the type of AC unit you select.


In the event that you live in a condominium or other building with a high rooftop, you can probably rely on some additional time added to the time required for AC installation. These kinds of structures normally require a crane to lift the HVAC unit onto the roof for installation. At Finest Heating & Air, we offer professionals for this kind of AC installation, so time isn’t generally a factor; however, for good measure, you need to consider some additional time.


It is hard to say what amount of time an HVAC installation will require without explicit details. The factors that affect the time needed depends on the size of the structure, the kind of AC installation required, the sort of unit required, and the area of the installation. An overall thought for the time required is somewhere in the range of one and three days or 24 hours of work. In the event that you need a more exact time outline, call us today at 650-223-2028, so we can examine the details for your AC installation.
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