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You need to call expert HVAC contractors for AC maintenance. Finest Heating & Air has been in this field for a long time and performing AC Maintenance very effectively. This increases your AC durability and efficiency. AC has evolved a lot during the past few decades. It has almost become an essential need of every home and office. So, the Air Conditioner (AC) has become even more critical than before. This article will show how AC maintenance can be done effectively.


Our team at Finest Heating & Air checks for major issues like these to prevent further damage and inefficiency of your AC Unit:

  • Refrigerant Leakage
  • Indoor Unit Water Leakage
  • Outdoor Unit Water Leakage
  • Damaged Compressor
  • Thermostat Failure
  • Capacitor Failure
  • AC is not giving the desired temperature

For major issues like these, we provide budget-friendly solutions.

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What We Do for Performing Ac Maintenance Effectively

Let’s discuss the step-by-step process of AC maintenance.

Outdoor Unit (Condenser & Compressor)

The compressor and condenser are found in the outdoor unit of AC, and these two parts are very critical and should be kept an eye on for any fault. The outdoor unit is connected with the indoor unit through copper tubes, sometimes covered with foam tubes.

Cut the Power Off

We cut the power off to the AC unit. By that, we prevent the AC unit from being short-circuited and other damages.

Clean Dirt and Other Debris Around the Unit

The outdoor unit mostly gets dirty as it is outside the home. So debris can get around the condenser, and we thoroughly clean the overall Outdoor AC unit. And most of all, if in case any object or plant is blocking the condenser area. We clean the area around for better airflow around the AC Outdoor unit.

Cleaning the Condenser Fan

We then proceed with cleaning the condenser fan, as leaves or other debris can collect up after some time. We clean the condenser fan with a clean damp cloth and let it dry.

Clean and Shape the Condenser Fin

Sometimes the condenser fin gets bent, and we shape them with our special tools. And clean them with brushes designed for the sole purpose.

Washing the Condenser Fin

We wash the condenser fin with low-pressure water to remove the dirt and debris, which other ways cannot remove.

Indoor Unit (Evaporator & Blower)

The blower is the essential part that blows the air around your room, and the evaporator is installed just above the blower from which the cool and hot air is passed. The evaporator needs to be cleaned regularly. Leaving the evaporator dirty can cause the efficiency to be dropped.

Clean the Evaporator Coil

Dust can gather around the evaporator coil. So, it needs to be cleaned regularly, and we do that with a soft brush.

Clean the Evaporator Drain Area

The evaporator drain area of the AC gets clogged. Sometimes dirt and mold can build up in the area, which causes the drain to be blocked and cause the water drain to be flooded and cause the unit to be inefficient and eventually damaged. So, we clean the drain area with specialized tools.

Clean the Air Filter

The air filter needs to be cleaned. We start by removing the air filter, and we make sure the air filter is in good condition. After that, we rinse it in the sterilized water to ensure you and your family are safe. At the end, placing the air filter in its place. Sometimes cleaning the air filter increase the effectiveness of AC maintenance by 20%.


In conclusion, we can say that there are some factors to be considered for AC Maintenance to be done effectively, and regular maintenance of AC is essential. You need an expert when you are looking for AC maintenance.

We serve in the locations of:

  • Santa Clara County
  • San Mateo County
  • San Francisco County

If you are looking for AC maintenance in Santa Clara, AC maintenance in San Mateo, AC maintenance in Palo Alto, or AC maintenance in San Francisco, you are at the right place. Ready to get help for your AC maintenance? Call Finest Heating & Air at 650-665-3546 or book an appointment.

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