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Yes, you need special wiring for AC. By this time, you must be wondering why your old wiring cannot run the AC smoothly without any issue. Finest Heating & Air is here to clear your questions regarding AC Installation, AC Repair, Heating Installation, Heating Repair, Package Units and Split AC.

AC is abbreviated as Air Conditioner, and it sure does consume much more amount than any regular home appliance. Also, if you don’t know how much power AC consumes, let’s find out.

Regular home appliances like fans, lights, and TVs consume around 1 to 3 amperes each, which is normal and acceptable by your thin and regular wires. But imagine applying around 12 amperes at a time to your normal wiring. The wire will not only get hot and burn but will damage the appliances it is running. This is why we recommend you use Special wiring for AC.

You need an expert like Finest Heating & Air to provide suitable and affordable suggestions.

Wire Size

The size of special wiring for AC depends on AC type and Size:

  • 1 ton and 1.5-ton AC with 12000 to 18000 BTU requires 12-gauge wire (16 amp)
  • 2 tons and 2.5-ton AC with 24000 to 30000 BTU requires 12-gauge wire (20 amp)
  • 3-ton and 5-ton AC with 36000 to 60000 BTU requires 10-gauge wire (40 amp)

These wire sizes are provided for up to 5 tons, which are suggested assuming regular home appliances running with the AC.

How to Determine If You Already Have Special Wiring For AC?

To check whether you have special wiring for AC or not, you can follow these methods to find out:

  • Check your AC outlet to where they are plugged into. If you see any breaker or any circuit, then you might have special wiring.
  • Another thing is to check if your breaker trips when you power on AC with another appliance. If so, it means you don’t have special wiring installed.
  • Sometimes if regular wiring is used, then turning on AC will produce fluctuations in your lights and other home appliances.

If still, these methods don’t work. Occasionally, you might have special wiring for AC installed, but the issue could be with the AC. Call Finest Heating & Air for help, and we can provide you with affordable and suitable solutions.

In Conclusion

From this article, we have concluded that it is beneficial to have installed special wiring for AC. As a result, this can prevent damaging the AC and other home appliances. Also, we have determined wire sizes for different AC tonnages. If you need services regarding AC installation and repair in Bay Area, AC installation and repair in Santa Clara, AC installation and repair in San Mateo, AC installation and repair in San Jose, or AC installation and repair in San Francisco, you can call Finest Heating & Air.

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