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Finest Heating & Air brings special discounts on Payne HVAC products. But before that, let’s explore Payne Itself. Payne Heating and Cooling became popular in 1914 in Los Angeles when D.W. Payne started producing traditional home furnaces that could be mounted within a small area. Over the years, Payne went directly to design and produce some of the furnaces for more than one installation option. Payne industry entered the A/C market in the late 50s and improved in heating and cooling by the 60s. The Carrier Corporation established the BDP Company in 1974, with Payne being the “P”. This allowed the Payne HVAC industry to extend on a countrywide scale with a line of products that includes air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, indoor coils, duct-free mini-splits, and small packaged units.

Why Choose Payne Products?

Payne gas furnaces are up to 95% efficient and are available in single and multiple options with fixed, multi, or variable-speed blowers. The low-gas furnaces meet all California Ambient Air Quality Standards (CAAQS) emissions requirements. Compatible thermostats are to be had and a few fashions may be paired with a warmth pump to create a dual-gasoline system.

Many of Payne’s warmth pumps may be paired with a gas furnace for a dual-fuel system.  Single degree and degree compressor operations, as much as 17 SEER, with many fashions’ assembly Energy Star requirements.

Payne air conditioners are available with single-level to multiple compressor operations and offer up to 19 SEER. Several models are Energy Star certified and include up to 10 12 months of parts warranties.

Payne ductless mini-split systems fit residential or commercial applications. The high-wall indoor system has a slim, unique layout made to blend in with the surroundings/environment. Payne heat pumps have variable-speed inverter compressors with up to 42 SEER and 15 HSPF ratings.

Fan coils fit with the Payne heat pumps to suit any installation which includes wall or ceiling even when operating quietly and with high efficiency. Some systems are designed to operate in tight spaces.

For packaged units, Payne offers slim lot heat pumps and air conditioners, gas furnace/air conditioner combinations, popular heat pumps, and popular air conditioners.

How Long Is Payne Product Warranty?

Most Payne HVAC products are covered with a 10-12 months parts warranty as soon as the product is registered.  Some key parts together with heat exchangers may also bring a longer warranty. All particular warranty info is available on the warranty card that comes with the Payne HVAC product or from the dealer.

How Do I Buy Payne HVAC Products?

In order to purchase Payne HVAC equipment or products, you can contact Finest Heating & Air and get discounts and offers on Payne HVAC equipment. When you choose to buy an HVAC product, we will inspect your desired location to determine the size, quantity, and type of HVAC product you need. Plus, with that, we provide budget-friendly installations and maintenance/repair for your HVAC systems.

Bottom Line

Discounts on Payne HVAC products can help you save a good amount of money. Also, you can get extra free features with that like a free thermostat. Payne has a variety of products and is available at lower prices than its competitors. Payne HVAC products are reliable, durable, and budget-friendly. The product lineup consists of AC, heat pumps, heat exchangers, gas furnaces, and other products. To get HVAC equipment at a lower price, contact us.

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