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California Efficiency Rebate

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PCE & BayREN Rebate Program

We all want the best price on heat pump installations, mini-split installations, and other electric works, but we seldom get the chance.

With Finest Heating & Air, you can earn the opportunity to get replacement service for such types of equipment at a cost that’s friendly to your pockets.

All thanks to Peninsula Clean Energy Program and the BayREN Home+ Program, you now get an excellent opportunity to earn substantial rebates on all energy efficiency improvements, may it be your home or workplace.

Now you can easily apply for the rebate program if you live in any of the nine counties of the Bay Area. All you have to do is get in touch with Finest Heating & Air; our team will handle everything from then on forward.


The BayREN Home+ Program

The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) Home+ Program is designed to reduce your burden on expenses related to heat pumps, mini-split systems, and other electric system replacements. With BayREN, you can earn a rebate of as much as up to $6,000. These rebates are available to residents on a first-come, first-served basis. The only way they can earn it is if they are a qualifying resident of the Bay Area. Also, the property they own must date back to 2016 or earlier.

To learn more about the BayREN Home+ Program, click here.

The Peninsula Clean Energy Rebate Program

Since 2016, The Peninsula Clean Energy Program has saved the planet from almost 1.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to 141 million gallons of gas.

Since they are looking forward to reducing the carbon emissions in the atmosphere, they aim to replace as many gas-powered heating equipment from homes & workplaces as possible. They are on a mission to make the world a better place.

A good advantage of hiring Finest Heating & Air as your BayREN-certified contractor is that we can combine your rebate incentives with The Peninsula Clean Energy rebate program; however, there’s a condition applied that the original cost of replacements must not exceed the cost of any individual upgrade.

According to PCE, you can earn rebates on the following:

  • Heat Pump Water Heater Replacement
  • Mini Split Installation & Replacement
  • Electric System Installation & Replacement

You can take out only one rebate per unit with a maximum limit of two rebates per account. Finest Heating & Air can help you get a rebate of up to $6,000.


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Heat Pump Repair Palo Alto 1

Who is Eligible to Apply for These Rebates?

You are only eligible to take out the rebate amount if you meet the following conditions:

  • The property where you want the upgrades must be your own.
  • The property must have been built in 2016 or earlier.
  • All upgrades must have been installed on or after October 1, 2022.
  • The eligible products are HPWHs of all sizes, voltage, or amperage levels qualify (including unitary or split models).

How to Apply?

To qualify for the rebates, it is essential to collaborate with a BayREN Participating Contractor at Finest Heating & Air. Our team will handle all the documentation, such as filling out the rebate form and obtaining your signature. As BayREN contractors, we will also assist you with the paperwork required for the Peninsula Clean Energy program, enabling you to earn additional rebates through that program as well. Once everything is complete, we will submit the documents to a program administrator, who will thoroughly review them and forward them to the PCE for further processing.

NOTE: Although all rebates are issued through PCE, the amount is sent to you separately from BayREN and PCE.


Finest Heating & Air - Earn PCE Rebates Through our BayREN Contractors Today!

Now get your old furnaces and mini-split systems replaced with more energy-efficient technologies. Get the maximum rebate amount through the Peninsula Clean Energy Program in collaboration with the BayREN Home+ Program.

We use non-invasive techniques to replace old heat pumps, mini-split systems, electric systems, and more. Finest Heating & Air is certified and has much experience replacing old units with brand-new ones.


Now take advantage of the rebate program & join our green energy revolution. Contact Finest Heating & Air today and start saving big! 

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